Stop the Outbursts and Overwhelm and Learn to Cope with Confidence!

Get ready for 12-weeks of stress-busting, clarity-gaining, emotion-balancing tools that will get her through the chaos and drama today and give her skills for the rest of her life!


Weekly skills and tools to master, not just manage her emotions!


Rock-solid peer support in a group setting to gain and give a sense of belonging and empathy.


Loads of parent support to help you connect with your daughter and help her solidify the amazing growth she’ll experience.

Weekly skill building tools and professional and peer support to:

  • Build rock-solid resilience in the face of chaos so that she can weather through any storm life throws at her.
  • Master the most challenging emotions without meds, drugs, alcohol or other dangerous coping behaviors.
  • Find her calm for better grades and better performance in all aspects of her life.
  • Get crystal clear the important skills essential for building an amazing future after high school.
  • Stop the comparison trap and gain unshakable confidence.
  • Build the focus areas of her brain for better grades and better follow-through on tasks

Teens get workbook, journal, materials and confidence to get through anything life throws her way!

Parents get peace of mind and support for connecting and re-directing your teen in powerful and practical ways!

Limited to 8 awesome teens per group.

Are you ready to help your teen thrive?

I am too. . . 

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Hi. I’m Katherine.  I work with overwhelmed teens that aren’t sure how to manage their emotions, are constantly comparing themselves to others and coming up short, and are always feeling a step behind.  I help them to become calm,  confident, and connected, with rock-solid resilience to get them through anything they’ll face in the future.  Helping teens to master their emotions and gain the clarity they need with healthy boundaries and future goals is some of my favorite work.  

Katherine Jewett, MA LMFT

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