Stop the Outbursts and Overwhelm and Learn to Cope with Confidence!

You worry about your teen's mood swings. It feels like she goes zero to 60 into overwhelm in nothing flat, and you aren't always sure how to help.

You get frustrated with her lack of motivation, focus, and follow-through on things you know are important for her future. The arguing and lectures aren't helping and leave everyone feeling worse, not better.

You worry about her boundaries with others and the peer pressure that can lead to dangerous behaviors like sexting, drinking, and drug use. All you want to do is make sure that she's safe.

You want to help her! You have tried connecting, tried correcting and feel exhausted and frustrated from bouncing from scream-fests to walking on eggshells. It was so much simpler when she was 8!

No worries! We've got you covered!


  • Learn practical coping skills so that she can manage her emotions before her emotions manage her without resorting to unhealthy and dangerous coping behaviors.
  • Make and keep healthy boundaries to avoid unhealthy relationships and behaviors that put her at risk.
  • Improve focus and follow through so that you can stop the battles over homework, chores, and grades.
  • Learn and practice better communication so that she can engage with family, teachers, and friends in positive ways without the yelling and without the tears (yours and hers).
  • Stop the comparison trap and perfectionism to gain unshakable confidence.
  • Get crystal clear on the important skills essential for building an amazing future after high school.

Limited to 8 awesome teens per group.

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Hi. I’m Katherine.  I work with overwhelmed teens that aren’t sure how to manage their emotions, are constantly comparing themselves to others and coming up short, and are always feeling a step behind.  I help them to become calm,  confident, and connected, with rock-solid resilience to get them through anything they’ll face in the future.  Helping teens to master their emotions and gain the clarity they need with healthy boundaries and future goals is some of my favorite work.  

Katherine Jewett, MA LMFT